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Welivechat converts your visitors into prospects

Optimise customer experience by humanizing your website

Your visitors are looking for information on your website

Live chat is an ideal tool to boost customer satisfaction and reach your commercial targets. Our agents lead your visitors into a sales process.
This tool is available 7/7 from 9 am to 10 pm. It humanizes your website by offering immediate assistance to your potential customers.

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Our agents are inviting visitors to chat pro-actively.

Our chat software automatically invites all your visitors to chat with our agents. Those invites are targeted according to the research and identified needs of each customer. Our agents will interact with the visitors by following a predefined script.

The agent helps the visitor and collects his personal data to generate qualitative leads

Bring an excellent first impression and stand out from your competition. A visitor that chatted will be open to leave his personal information in order to get contacted. This information is then sent to you. You can take on the sales process from there and build up a strong relation with your new customer. We collaborate with you to determine what strategy to use. Because every target group needs another approach.

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4 main advantages

A live chat on your website brings a lot of advantages. Discover how Welivechat can help increase your customer relationship and sales.

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Boosts sales

Website humanization

Opening hours

Opening hours are doubled

Data and leads

Leads and appointments generation

Customer experience

Customer satisfaction

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The tailor-made solution for your business.

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Excellent  4.7 op 5

Doubling customer potential

We have been working with Welivechat since May 2020. In just 5 months, our sales have almost doubled and the number of visitors to our website has increased by about 14%! I am very satisfied with this fruitful cooperation and highly recommend them.

Procahr Manager
Antoine Heuschen
Director Procahr SRL

Direct service

At first I was a bit reluctant, but once I took the step the quality of the live chat surprised me. Visitors who would otherwise leave the website because they lack vital information now start a chat and are helped immediately. My customer base keeps growing.

Aku Soundsystem Manager
Jordi Van Densen

Excellent knowledge of our product range

We chose to work with Welivechat because of their excellent knowledge of our products and a service that is available 7 days a week. This is very important in our sector because there are so many prospects who show interest and want a quick answer to their question.

In addition, a live chat is very important because buying a car is not an everyday purchase. The customer wants to be helped by a person who anticipates the wishes and needs of the customer. And this is exactly what Welivechat does. We have seen an increase in our leads and the investment is already paid back after 1 or 2 sales. In addition, it provides a good opportunity to improve our SEO and this leads to better visibility of our company. So, nothing but benefits!

Gégo Team Manager
Victor Gégo
Marketing Manager Toyota Gégo

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