Success story: Welivechat x Toyota Gégo

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Success story: Welivechat x Toyota Gégo

More then 500 leads and a conversion rate close to 70%. Not a dream, it is reality.

Since 2020, Welivechat has been an essential partner of Toyota Gégo and Lexus Namur, significantly improving the customer experience and boosting sales growth. As Victor Gégo, Marketing Manager of the dealerships emphasizes, "The implementation of the online chat makes it possible to stay close to our customers at all times and increase our visibility."

Victor Gégo, Head of Marketing and 3rd generation of the family

The initial challenge was significant, as Victor Gégo explains: "We were limited in our interactions with customers outside of business hours and the information on the availability of our used/stock vehicles was not clear or in real time. Moreover, people are quickly discouraged by the idea of having to make a phone call. Plus our showrooms are generally closed in the evening or on Sunday. We have always wanted to maintain the highest level of service for our customers, both online and in the dealership." The solution was to integrate Welivechat and their agents available 7/7 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

By customizing the chat to align with the image of Toyota Gégo and Lexus Namur - a family and authentic business - Welivechat allowed the dealerships to maintain their closeness to their customers. "The chat is an extension of our service, authentic and human, which has largely contributed to our success," adds Victor Gégo.


The impact of Welivechat is undeniable. "Our salesmen are delighted with the quality of the leads generated by the chat, which allows us to pre-qualify customers. We have seen our vehicle sales increase and our conversion rate of leads provided by Welivechat is close to 70%," says Victor Gégo. "By answering sometimes very specific problems, we reassure the customer and manage to capture them definitely. One customer - now loyal to our group - asked via live chat whether her Yaris could still get into Brussels. Her usual garage was there and she needed a service. Due to low emission zones, she couldn't get there anymore, but the Welivechat agent cleverly invited the lady to come to us for her service. Since then, she travels to Namur for our fast and quality service, partially thanks to the live chat."


"Welivechat has also improved our after-sales service, answering customers' complex questions, particularly about hybrid technology. It's an indispensable tool to support our employees. Our workshops have been greatly relieved in terms of incoming calls, as most customers go to our website to find our phone number anyway. They don't hesitate to discuss it in the chat directly, rather than calling. It allows our teams to understand the customer's situation and request, to inform themselves in advance and to get back to them as soon as possible, confirms Victor Gégo.

"By combining the additional sales, the after-sales appointments generated and the increase in traffic on the site, the tool largely pays for itself. When combined with optimized natural referencing, the results are incredible." - Victor Gégo

Three years after the start of this collaboration, Gégo dealerships are convinced that digitalization is the future of the automotive industry. "The type of tools like what Welivechat offers is not only necessary today but will be mandatory tomorrow." A future for which the Gégoteam is perfectly prepared, in part thanks to its fruitful partnership with Welivechat. This partnership does not seem to be ending anytime soon.




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