The most frequently asked questions from our customers!

Getting started

What is your start-up procedure?
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  • We make a call or fix an appointment to find out your needs and set up a strategy.
  • Welivechat produces the FAQ file and roadmaps that will enable the operators to inform and guide the visitor on your website.
  • You edit and personalise the roadmaps and FAQs that we set up.
  • You obtain the source code to implement on your website.
  • Welivechat agents interact directly with all your internet visitors.
  • Receipt of leads and quality appointments by e-mail.
How do I start ?
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It's very simple! Click on this link and schedule a call with our collaborators.


What languages ​​can you chat in ?
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All our operators are trilingual and can chat in French, Dutch and English.

What is a FAQ folder and roadmap?
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The FAQ folder contains all your visitors' potential questions and frequently asked questions.

The roadmaps allow operators to guide visitors in their purchasing and information processes. These are pre-established processes to fully understand the wishes of the visitor and to ask the right questions at the right time in order to convert a maximum number of these visitors into leads.

Who writes the roadmaps and FAQs?
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We examine the most current questions with you. We already have predefined answers for them, which you can update as you wish. We will also update them during the trial period, as we will get to know your customers better. In this way, the agent will deliver a perfect chat. On the long-term, we constantly update our FAQ’s with new information to keep us up to date and be able to answer to all of your visitors questions.

Do you offer a plan adapted to the size and needs of my company?
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Of course we always listen and make a list of our clients needs and desires. We believe we have a solution to every situation.

Is it possible to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
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Of course it is! After the live chat closes at 10pm, the chatbot can take over until 9am the next day.

My company operates in a niche market. In which sectors are you active?
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We are active in a few sectors such as the automotive industry, real estate, construction, renovation, etc. But we can always adapt to your company and the sector in which you are active. Feel free to read our blog post about the different sectors we are active in.

Live chat software

During which hours is the chat active on my website?
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Our live chat is active from 9am to 10pm on your website. Of course, we can realise customised solutions according to your wishes. It is possible to change these opening hours at your request.

Is the chat window editable?
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You choose the whole design of your chat window and welcome messages. You can also use our experience in this domain to maximise your results.

Who is the contact person for my live chat?
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A live chat manager who can be contacted 7 days a week will be assigned to you in case of emergency or if any changes or information concerning our service is needed.

How do you monitor all the chats carried out by the operators?
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Our software stores all the chats in a database. They can also be called up at any time if necessary.

Can we keep the current chat software on our website?
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Yes, the chat software we use can be linked and integrated with other platforms and software. It is therefore easy to find a solution and keep your current chat software.

Training of agents

How can chat operators answer my visitors' questions?
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Chat operators are trained in your company's products and services. They are also provided with FAQs and roadmaps in order to properly guide your visitors in their purchasing and information process.

What training do your agents receive about our company?
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The training of live chat agents is carried out by our training team and starts with a complete introduction to your company and website. As part of the basic training, agents are first trained on the products and services sold by you and then on the brand image and customer relations. Afterwards, our agents study all the FAQ files and roadmaps produced before carrying out several tests. All the operators are monitored by a team manager who coaches the operators in real time and also gives them feedback after analysing the chats.

What happens if a chat operator gives incorrect information ?
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It is very unlikely that this will happen. Our operators follow the FAQs we have written with you and do not make any statements or promises if they are not sure of their answers. They have clear guidelines and training to ensure that such scenarios do not happen. In the event that it should happen, we automatically refund the chat and make an arrangement with you.


How much does your service cost?
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The final amount is based on a fixed monthly price and the result obtained during the chat (service/lead/appointment, etc.). The price varies according the sector of activity, the duration of the conversation and the information you wish to obtain from your visitors.

How do you classify the chats?
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The classification of the chats is pre-established with the customer according to the information that the company wishes to obtain from the visitors. Only those chats are charged where the customer has actually been helped.

How is the service invoiced?
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Every first day of the month, you receive an invoice and a report of our live chat service on your website.

Can I receive a discount?
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You can receive a discount depending on the duration of the contract.

What is the duration of the contracts?
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We offer permanent contracts with a minimum duration of 3 months.

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