Effectively train your sales teams to follow up on live chat leads

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Effectively train your sales teams to follow up on live chat leads

You make a maximum effort to bring good quality leads to your sales team. Your live chat naturally generates them, and they are quite different from any other type of lead. 

Of course, there's no point in generating such high quality leads if your sales people can't do what's necessary to close them. Therefore, it is important to provide them with guidelines beforehand.

For a good follow-up by the salesperson, it is essential that he has access to the transcript of the conversation. They will find the content of the conversation and the information already provided by the agent. Ensuring continuity of this live chat when calling your prospect almost guarantees an appointment.

The advantage is that chat conversations can be read and re-read as much as desired after they have taken place. Your salesperson can already get a feel for the customer's situation and prepare for the call.

Then there's the way to do it.

We all know the approach of the salesperson who calls you and asks if you are still interested in the product you listed on the website. It is not personal, at all, and does not answer the question you were really asking.

Let's move on to an example. Let's say "John" is your chat agent and he sent a lead to your sales team. Your sales team can call this lead and start by "John told me that you chatted about...".  Even if the salesperson received it in the classic way in their CRM, the visitor will be happier to hear that "John" came to tell the salesperson 'personally' so they can follow up. Better then the classic "are you still interested in what I have to sell" approach, isn't it?

Moreover, these pre-qualified leads allow your salespeople:

  • To be more relaxed because they already have important information about the visitor's request, this same visitor having already confirmed his interest in the product/service
  • To focus on their main task; selling and not prospecting. This typically increases the numbers.
  • To prepare the call according to the prospect's specific requests and expectations. Again, they will be more confident during the call.

Such well qualified leads are only possible via live chat!

Finally, the person in charge of the chat conversations must be trained and informed. They need to know what to promise to which type of customer. Your sales team and the chat team can agree periodically. They can discuss this and improve each step of the sales process to make life easier for both the customer and themselves.

If you are interested to know more about how you can give this information to your chat agents, read our article about it by clicking here

Also, don't forget that a quick lead follow-up is an integral part of the conversational strategy. The idea is to not turn off the customer. They are so heated by your online presence; don't give them a cold shower by letting them wait for days.

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