Proactive messages to captivate your website visitors

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Proactive messages to captivate your website visitors

You have probably browsed a website with a live chat before. Suddenly, you are asked something about the product you are looking at and you want to answer.
Let's not be naive; the agent that speaks to you after you replied might be human, but the first message you got was automatic. This is what we call proactive greetings.

Depending on certain parameters, such as the page the visitor is on, the time they have spent on your website or their browsing path, you can send them a personalized message that will proactively invite them to chat with your employee.

A good approach is therefore essential to effectively invite visitors to chat. Your teaser messages should, and will, make all the difference. 

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. You know how to capture the attention of your audience and whether they prefer a formal or informal approach. Based on your experiences as an entrepreneur, you will certainly know which words to use. 

All you have to do is apply your knowledge when you create your teaser messages and address your audience. 

When setting up your greetings, always keep a balance between; 

1. periodic follow-ups with messages adapted to what your visitor is looking at on the website.

2. not harassing your visitors; one personalized message at the right time will have a better effect than three personalized messages in a few minutes! 

Also remember that you should avoid closed questions at all costs when chatting. This applies to your greetings. It is also relevant when you are actively chatting with your visitor. It is necessary to keep the conversation alive; when you answer your visitor's questions, keep the conversation lively by continuing to ask them questions in order to prevent them from leaving. You can ask them what they think about the product, for example. It is much better than asking if they are interested by it.

The use of promo codes can also be very interesting to generate chats and sales on your website. You have probably seen messages like this one while surfing the web: "Sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase". You can do the same on the live chat! It is quite possible to capture the attention of your visitor who is looking at a product with a discount offer. After you have talked to them and obtained the information you need, you can send them a coupon code that will encourage them to make a purchase.

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