No more obstacles for your online customers

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No more obstacles for your online customers

More than 50% of the consumers won’t buy a product or service if they were not convinced online by the company. And they have access to a lot of content and information online. 

Many things are established to captivate Internet users. Your website is made up of a multitude of buttons and tools to get their attention. In most cases, you try to redirect your visitors to a form to convert them into a lead.

It's no secret anymore that you lose a lot of them on the way to the "send" button. Not all these visitors are serious, we all know that. But of course, it is always possible to increase these conversion rates by putting the necessary procedures or systems where they need to be.

Let's be honest; when you fill out an online contact form, you keep your fingers crossed that you will be contacted by the provider. And if that happens, it's often after a long wait

Many websites ask for a bunch of information or contact details and discourage their visitors in this way. Plus, in this GDPR-era, nobody likes to leave that much information to a stranger. Especially without knowing if this stranger can really be useful to us afterwards and if he won't just try to sell us what he has to offer.

Having simplified contact forms makes life easier for your customers and will motivate them even more to fill them out. Ideally, you can have your users come and chat with you without having to use a form. Being available via live chat removes all obstacles by allowing a clear, direct and efficient response. Your users only have to ask their question anonymously to be guided in the best way and this is what they want! No one wants to spend hours online looking for the information they need. Your visitors are especially satisfied that a tool or a platform can answer their needs directly and without constraints.

It is therefore important to be clear and concrete in your communication. Your visitors want answers to their questions, so be there to answer them! If you have a live chat, you can even remove the contact forms and invite people to come and chat with you. And when your agents are not available, your chatbot or night form can take it over in the chat. You will be amazed at the results. 

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