UTMs to find the right sources of prospects

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UTMs to find the right sources of prospects

What are UTMs?

A UTM or Urchin Tracking Module, is a line of code added to the end of an URL on websites. This code makes it possible to follow the visitor during his visit and to know how he landed on your website. A Facebook post, LinkedIn, an email advertisement, … There are many sources of potential prospects and it isn’t always easy to know which are the most profitable.

It also has applications that go even further, such as the ability to create custom UTMs for each URL. Take a concrete example and a fictitious site: Our marketing team is making a new Facebook post and in the URL we add the UTM code “FbPost”. All visitors who click on the message visit our website under the URL: This allows us to measure the effectiveness of the message.

What does this have to do with live chat?

Live chat is an effective way to convert visitors into customers. By increasing the flow of visitors in a targeted way, we increase the result of the live chat.
To limit the effort required, it is therefore ideal to focus on channels that have proven to work in the past. If you know where most prospects come from, you can focus your communication there. The results in clicks will increase, as will your other results.

At Welivechat we can send the UTM parameters of visitors who have chatted, directly back to our client. Through the collaboration between our team and that of our client, we analyse the existing UTMs and the acquisition channels. This supports the digital marketing strategy of several companies we chat for.

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