The evolution of direct communication : New trends for 2022

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The evolution of direct communication : New trends for 2022

While each year has its share of sensations, 2022 undoubtedly has many surprises in store for us as well. An interesting fact is that there is a lot we can already predict for this year. How will you continue to meet the demands of your customers? What means of communication will you put in place to reach them more easily?

All indicators point to digital. Consumers want to be able to do everything online and quickly. From the comfort of their home, from their workplace or even from their phone on vacation. The sanitary crisis means that 88% of consumers will do their detailed research in advance. There is no need to travel to different places for the same reason. They choose their provider, even unconsciously, from the website. This site must therefore be a showcase reflecting the know-how and services of your company. But that is no longer enough.

Transition towards web 3.0

Your (future) customers want clear and transparent answers to their specific case. Directly if possible. A lot of studies prove it, people expect a response within 2 hours, even on weekends or evenings. Covid crisis or not, online shopping (even for high value sales) is becoming more and more dominant. Certain technologies allow you to better reach your prospect, to impress them with well-placed information that meets their expectations. But with such a diverse audience, it is ideal if an advisor can help them personally.

Your business and your customers evolve 

There are a huge number of communication channels available today, but the most traditional are no longer the ones that attract customers. Take the telephone as an example; robots that ask you to select the right department, endless on-hold music, you come across the wrong person, you have to repeat your situation several times, the offices have just closed and you will have to call back tomorrow, ...

Many situations make consumers quickly get cold feet about having to call a service provider for an initial inquiry. The customer is afraid of wasting his time and wants to be reassured in his purchasing process. He wants to be able to ask questions or remove doubts without obligation. Forms that ask you to fill in dozens of fields so that an employee will call you back soon are not attractive in this case. Sending an email then remains the barrier-free method. Except that you never know when and if you will get an answer...

How do I satisfy my customers?

There are several ways to do this. The idea is always the same; to offer immediate support to all your prospects, without obstacles or commitments. But how do you do this without them calling you or filling in a form? 

The computerized written exchange is most instinctive for everyone. Between friends, colleagues, acquaintances, family, ... This method is fast and accessible at any time, but it also allows you to think about what you want to say or ask. 

Few companies do not have a Facebook page. They all notice a significant increase in contact via their Facebook Messenger. It's simple; their customers want a quick and efficient response without a queue. They are used to this simplified chat platform and don't want to fill in forms or go through a voicemail to get in touch with someone.

Where to start?

The important thing is to start where you are already present. During your campaigns, invite your prospects to call you, send you an email, come to your agency OR contact you via Facebook Messenger instead if they have a request for information. You will see for yourself which solution they prefer.

Then, your website. There is a bunch of software (sometimes free) that allows you to implement live chat on any page of your site or whatever you want. Free software is quickly limited but it allows you to do the basics; welcome everyone directly and guide them through the process in the best possible way. As long as you have an employee available to answer requests, your visitors will be satisfied and will remain with your company for future purchases. The effect will also be felt on your sales and increase transactions. 

So don't hesitate, think about your prospects! First impressions last forever, so make sure you get it right.

Want to start your live chat journey on your website? You can download our free ebook by clicking here. It will guide you through the important steps. Or just book a call with us and let's discuss your chat strategy!

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