Ensuring fast answers to all your website visitors

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Ensuring fast answers to all your website visitors

Time is precious in today's society. We are constantly looking for ways to maximize the resources we have at our disposal. This is no different when we want to get information or make purchases, physically or online.

When you have a doubt or a question in the store, you go to a salesperson. Depending on his answers and a quick and efficient reception, you will be more likely to buy the product or service you were analyzing. It's simple, but you are reassured by the presence of someone who knows about the product or service and who can redirect you to the right one.

The consumer expects the same thing when they browse online. It is very important to respond quickly to web visitors and to welcome them as soon as possible. You don't want them to leave the website after a few moments because they didn't find what they were looking for.  It is obviously not possible to convert every visitor into a customer or prospect, but some tools can help you increase this conversion rate.

How can you welcome them and answer them as quickly as possible? Simply by conversing with them. Consumers are more and more aware of the existence of solutions such as live chat, videochat, live phone calls from the computer, ... They strongly appreciate their presence and they will more easily go to a company that offers this type of simple, fast and direct communication.

By opting for a live chat on your website, you are able to offer them an online presence. Be careful though; you will have to keep in mind that your employees will have to be available for this new communication channel as well. It is important to respond quickly to the visitor as soon as there is a question or a request, so it is essential to have a collaborator permanently behind the computer ready to answer. If the person managing your live chat is assigned to other tasks and is not able to answer requests directly, you will lose a lot of potential customers. People don't wait for hours behind their screens.

A live chat managed by one or more of your employees will give you that speed advantage over other communication solutions but can also pose some obstacles. You need to plan for staff to be employed full time on this task. This can represent a significant budget depending on the amount of time dedicated to the task, especially if you wish to remain accessible after business hours or on weekends.

Of course, you can set up an on-call service among your employees. Your salespeople can be responsible for answering live chat for 2 hours a day each, for example. But what about customers who visit you online in the evening or on weekends? For very large companies, it is possible to hire someone full time or to set up an efficient on-call system given the number of employees available. But what about the others?

By outsourcing your live chat service, this problem does not arise. You can take advantage of trained and qualified agents available for your web visitors without having to delegate this task to one of your employees. They will respond in real time to your visitors' questions or requests and will then share these requests with you so that your employees can follow up afterwards and not waste time. Outsourcing this service is also an advantage in terms of budget because the cost is on average 2 or 3 times cheaper than paying an employee running the same hours of availability. Outsourcing a live chat is therefore a good way to respond quickly to your internet visitors at a reduced cost.

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