What tools do our operators use to chat on your behalf?

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Jordan Tavares
What tools do our operators use to chat on your behalf?

When a company wants to outsource its live chat, a logical question often arises: ‘How can operators chat with my customers, knowing that they don't work in my company on a daily basis?’.

The answer to this question is simple; our agents use two very different tools that are pre-tuned to the company they will be chatting for.

The first tool consists of a database of questions/answers (FAQ). Because of this list, our chatters will find the answer to almost all of your visitors' questions. If this question is not yet in our files, we make sure we find the right answer and add it to our FAQ. This is always done in consultation with the ordering company after an inspection.

In addition to this FAQ list, we have drawn up "processes" for each sector in advance, which we call Roadmaps. These enable the chat operator to follow a common thread, depending on the situation the visitor is in and the question he is asking. This Roadmap enables the operator to ask the right question at the right time and in this way provide an optimal service. Ideally, the visitor is converted into a prospect via a lead by obtaining his personal contact details.

These files are thus constantly updated. What we add to the FAQ of one of our clients, we will also add to the FAQs of our other clients in the same sector, if the information applies to each of them. Thanks to the optimisation of these files, the chat operator will be able to respond quickly to all the specific questions of your visitors. As a result, our experience grows and there are very few questions that our agents cannot answer during a live chat!

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